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Danube Areas of Austria & Hungary

With Massive areas of Free Range & Estate Areas, FN is in the unique position of having high quality areas for whatever species you desire, & our Danube Areas are no different. From Burgenland in Austria to Debrecen in Eastern Hungary, FN has an area for you. World Record Stag, Massive Wild Boar, & Top 10 Roe Deer join us for a trip to remember. 


Game Opportunities 

Game Species & Seasons

  • Roe Deer                  15 April- 30 September

  • Red Stag                   1 August- 31. January

  • Fallow Deer             1 September - 31 January

  • Mouflon                     Year Round 

  • Sika Deer                   1 September- 31. January  

  • Pere David Stag      1 April- 31. August

  • Wild Boar                    Year Round

  • & More

Land & Hunting

In the East of Austria & West of Hungary hunting areas include rolling forests with a spattering of open fields. The Hunting is a combination of spot & Stalk as well as time spent on High Stands. 

As we head to the East of Hungary the hunting style stays the same with the land turning to more flat 7 open fields on the east side of the Danube River. These areas are where you will find the record size Roe Deer. 


Please Reach Out to us Today to Plan Your Customized Hunting Experience.

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